Spoiled Rotten Rotties - You Gotta Love 'Em


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Is that bacon?!?!?                                   I'm so pretty!                        Caught in the act!


Life is just too hard!                             1 ball...2 balls...3 balls...       The perfect head rest!


Welcome to ma hood!                           Bella Foo Dog.                       I wink sexier than Tony Abbott!

Trust me! I know what I'm doing.          I ate my L-plate. Big deal? If you're happy and you know it, sit on a friend


Quilla: ♫ I'm chubby and I know it ♫ Elloooooooooo =D All the other puppies pick on me!!!


King Koa the pillow conqueror!             Daddy's "little" girl...              Tequila's MINIME on the left.


All dressed up for Kathey.                     After a long day studying.       Whatcha mean that book ain't about                                                                                                                            Astrophysics?!?

Crooked ear? No refunds =P                   I ain't done nothin'!               My precioussssss!

Mm,mmm! Mighty fine, yoghurt time!    I dunno where the bunny is!    NO COMMENT

How you doin'?                                     Someone call a Chiro!             Yo momma!


Spoiled rotten!!!                                  Geronimoooooooooooo!            Are you teething? It's covered with slobber!